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Transfer from outside the University of Minnesota

Explore admission requirements for students who have never registered for classes as a degree seeking student at any of the University of Minnesota campuses.

Please note: As of Fall 2007, CBS majors are required to complete the Foundations of Biology sequence, Biology 2002 and 2003/2004. Learn how this may affect you.

CBS admission requirements

The College of Biological Sciences (CBS) admits qualified students to all of its majors. Admission is competitive and based on an overall assessment of the applicant’s academic record and potential for success as presented in the application materials. High school grades, class rank, and ACT or SAT scores may also be factored into the admission decision for students who have completed fewer than 26 transferable credits. Courses listed below are viewed as important evidence of preparation and are required for entry.

  • One semester of calculus (equivalent to MATH 1271)
  • One full year of general chemistry with lab (Chem 1061/1065 [OLD Chem1021], Chem 1062/1066 [OLD Chem 1022])
    NOTE: Applicants with less than two semesters of chemistry may still be considered for admission based on the overall strength of their record. However, chemistry is a prerequisite for many biology courses. Thus, applicants who transfer before completing a year of chemistry are likely to delay their expected graduation date.

Biology courses: The College of Biological Sciences requires two semesters of Foundations of Biology with laboratory, equivalent to Biol 2002 and 2003/2004 (12 credits total). Students should work with the CBS Transfer Admissions Counselor as they consider whether to complete their foundational biology sequence at their transfer institution.

Science GPA: Most successful applicants to the College of Biological Sciences have a 3.0 or higher science grade point average. This GPA consists of courses in math, physics, biology and chemistry (beginning with equivalents to those listed above) as well as any upper division science courses.

In all cases, priority consideration for admission will be given to students who intend to complete a degree program in CBS. Students who have previously completed bachelor’s degrees and wish to complete prerequisites for professional or graduate schools should consider completing coursework as a non-degree seeking student through the College of Continuing Education.  If a student has earned a bachelor’s degree in the biological sciences or closely related field from another four-year institution, he/she may not earn a second bachelor’s degree from the College of Biological Sciences. In addition, admission to CBS for those students intent on a obtaining a second undergraduate degree must meet all of the prerequisite requirements for their intended major. Priority may be given to first time bachelor’s degree students.

Admission deadlines

Completed applications must be received by February 1 (priority) to guarantee review. The College will continue accepting applications until our spaces are filled but no later than June 1. CBS only admits external transfer students for the Fall semester.