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BioManufacturing Innovation Center

Coming fall 2023

The bioeconomy is growing fast and the University is expanding it’s biotech footprint in sync with increasing demand for the expertise and infrastructure to scale up biomanufacturing across a wide range of applications. The state-of-the-art Biomanufacturing Innovation Center (BIC), located on the University’s campus in St. Paul, will serve as an anchor for a critical mass of biotechnology infrastructure.

A long history of biotech innovation
For more than four decades, the BioTechnology Institute (BTI) has served as a hub for biotechnology research at the University. Faculty affiliated with BTI conduct basic and applied research with commercial potential and develop the technology to scale up new products. 

BTI launched the Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) in 1985 to meet the growing need for pilot-scale microbial cell and recombinant protein production. Since then, demand has far exceeded capacity. In the new building, the BRC will be able to serve more clients and fill a critical niche in the biomanufacturing ecosystem by supporting academic partners and industry clients as they take the next step toward optimizing and scaling biomanufacturing processes, producing novel drugs, and more. 

Creating the biology of tomorrow
The University is well positioned to help grow the bioeconomy in Minnesota and beyond, and educate the next generation of biotech leaders and innovators, with a well-established reputation for biotechnology research, one of only two colleges in the country dedicated to the biological sciences. Moreover, the BIC supports a number of the goals outlined in the University’s MPact2025 strategic plan.