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Hannah Stoll

Hannah poses in the fieldshe/her | Hannah is a PhD Student at the University of Minnesota studying Plant Breeding and Molecular Genetics. Her PhD project focuses on quantifying the breeding progress of Intermediate Wheatgrass, Kernza®, a new perennial grain crop. While she is passionate about feeding our world using sustainable agricultural practices and advanced breeding technologies, she considers communicating science to learners of all backgrounds and educating future scientists as her true calling. Outside of her professional work as a scientist and educator, Hannah loves to spend quality time with friends, discover new cozy coffee shops and restaurants, and bike around the Twin Cities with her husband.

Crop Domestication in Action – a thread through time revolutionized by women

As I wound through my research plots of intermediate wheatgrass, the bustling sounds of four lanes of traffic drowned out the electronic sounds my Samsung Galaxy tablet made as I took notes. In stark contrast to those hectic 21st century sounds was the simple swoosh my long pants and sun shirt made as I passed by each plant. My big floppy hat kept the sun out of my eyes, and completed my ‘typical farmer’ appearance. But make it female, I told myself. 

It was 2021, and this was what a plant breeder looked like.