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Jonas Alvarez

Jonas stands wearing a navy blue shirt with trees in the backgroundJonas is a PhD candidate in the BMBB program. He's worked in the Mashek lab since February 2019. Currently, Jonas is studying how lipid metabolism and circadian rhythms communicate and how aging affects this communication. Jonas is interested in science communication and outreach. As a first generation PhD candidate, he hopes to make science more accessible to people from disenfranchised communities and help build a diverse and inclusive scientific community.

Stop eating at Popeyes. Have olive oil instead.

Fad diets promise weight loss and a long healthy life. But, no diet follows through like the Mediterranean diet does.

When you look at places with the highest proportion of centenarians — no, not centaurs the mythical man horse combo; rather, people that live to be over 100-years-old — the small island of Sardinia nestled in the Mediterranean has the third highest population in the world right behind the US and Japan. 

Scientists know that the high levels of olive oil in Sardinian diets explains why they live so long. But they didn’t know why until now.