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Rosa E. Lozano (Tina)

she/her | Self-driven research assistant pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Entomology. Skilled in designing experiments, collecting, and analyzing data to facilitate research in a variety of areas. Detail-oriented and committed to advancing the understanding of insecticide resistance to support food security.

Twitter: @TinitaLozano

Luciferin, the lights behind science and food security

Using fungi bioluminescence in plants could increase crop pollination for food production.

On dark, starless, summer nights, sometimes we get surprised by steady lights emitted by click beetles or flashing lights from fireflies. Have you ever wondered why those lights liven up the sky? The lights are used to communicate, attract prey, defend, and mate. Maybe similar lights can be designed for plants to talk to insects to increase natural insect pollination rates of crops for food production.