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The department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics is committed to understanding the molecular mechanisms of metabolic diseases and cancer; developing novel strategies in biocatalysis and biotechnology; and advancing knowledge through structural biology and molecular biophysics. Please enjoy a collection of news, features and opportunities for and about BMBB.

Taking the long view

The BMBB DEI committee hosted students from Heritage E-STEM Magnet School as a way to spark an interest in the sciences.

Burckhard Seelig and students work in lab

A bacterial bullseye

Microbial Engineering graduate student Maddy Bygd identified a promising new candidate for remediating “forever chemicals” in soil. 

Maddy Bygd stands in the lab

Sparking science joy

The BMBB DEI committee hosted a day of activities on campus for Heritage E-STEM magnet school to inspire interest and enthusiasm for science.

Students using microscope in lab