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The BioTechnology Institute (BTI) provides advanced research, training, and university-industry interaction in biological process technology, a major area of biotechnology research. You are now viewing a collection of news, features and opportunities for and about BTI.

Hoping for a breakdown

Researchers seek to identify proteins that break down a widely prescribed drug, with wide-reaching implications, from wastewater treatment plants to the pharmaceutical industry.

water rushing from spouts

One of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world is wildly inefficient. Patients gulp down a large pill and the vast majority goes straight into the toilet. 

Minnesota Made: Growing the bioeconomy

Hear from an expert panel with deep roots in biotechnology and industry about the future of the bioeconomy in Minnesota and beyond. Submit questions before or during the live event.

Gold background with three white icons - a computer screen with a DNA structure, a microscope and a Petri dish.  Word below read “Minnesota Made: Growing the Bioeconomy”

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