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Nature and Nurture

Marlene Zuk’s newest book dives in to the debate about the origins of behavior.

Marlene Zuk

In her latest book, evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist Marlene Zuk, illuminates how all of our attributes, behavior or not, are shaped by both genes and the environment, in a complex way that defies a simple binary. She shared her thoughts on the topic as well as writing about science. 

Seeing is believing

Chino Nwakama is creating opportunities for historically marginalized and low-income students to connect with science. 

Chino Nwakama in a lab on campus

Funds available for enhancing research with new equipment

The CBS Dean's Office will be awarding $350,000 for the purchase of equipment that enhances the research capacity of CBS investigators. Funds can be used to purchase either new equipment or auxiliary components to augment existing CBS equipment, as well as digital or cloud-based equipment, e.g. new analytical software.