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Building Classroom Confidence

New study looks at ways to improve student success for non-native English speakers.

Beverly Smith-Keiling

For students whose first language is not English, understanding some of the complexities of subject matter in college courses can be challenging. But a recent study points to a few key ways instructors can help build confidence for Asian English language learners.

Kids and cholesterol

A new study aims to boost screening and improve outcomes for children with a genetic form of high cholesterol and their families.

It may come as a surprise, but one in 250 kids has a genetic form of high cholesterol. It may come as less of a surprise that many of them go undiagnosed. Catching the condition early is key.

Sleep can wait - and wait - with some fish

Suzanne McGaugh and colleagues embarked on an NIH-funded study to search for genes that regulate sleep and feeding in blind cave fish.

Cave fish

Sleeping and eating are linked in many species and often there’s a tradeoff between the two activities.

A Q&A with Peter Tiffin

New head of the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology shares his perspective on PMB’s past, present and future.

Peter Tiffin

Longtime faculty member Peter Tiffin recently stepped into a new role as department head for Plant and Microbial Biology.

Fall 2018 Petri Dish Series

Isn't life fascinating?

We think so! And it gets even more interesting when you put three University of Minnesota experts with distinct disciplinary perspectives together in the same room for an unscripted, free-flowing discussion.

Checking in With Dean Forbes - Summer 2018

As I write this, I am at Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories surrounded by woods, water and, until a few hours ago, members of the CBS class of 2022. Participants from the first Nature of Life session boarded the bus back to Minneapolis earlier today tired but happy. The cycle will repeat many more times over the course of the month as we welcome hundreds of incoming students to this special place.

Seeking Soybean-Friendly Fungi

Kathryn Bushley and Thomas Kim look toward fungi as potential answer for destructive nematodes.

Soybeans in a field

Summer in Minnesota: a time for boating on the lakes, spending time outdoors, enjoying the extra daylight and a key time for growing crops. For many soybean farmers, however, a certain parasitic roundworm can potentially wreak havoc on their harvest.