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New-course announcements and course features and highlights to keep you in the know!

AHS 1601 - Future Physician II: The Life & Work of a Physician

Explore the field of medicine by interacting with physician guest speakers from the University of Minnesota Medical School and the community. Physician speakers will share information about their specialties, while talking about their own personal pathways to medicine. Students will learn to think critically about the challenges and opportunities of a career in medicine through interactive and reflective exercises. (1 cr)

BIOL 4950: Directed Research Writing Support

Are you thinking about signing up for WI-directed research this semester?  Writing up your research can be incredibly fulfilling, but it can also be hard to know where to start. This semester, EEB Ph.D. candidate and Student Writing Support consultant Meredith Steck is offering a 1-credit writing support course (BIOL 4950) where she will take you through each step of writing your directed research paper. All assignments and deadlines will directly contribute to the paper you are already required to write by the end of the semester. 

Quantitative II Option Offered This Spring Semester

CSCI 3003: Introduction to Computing in Biology will be offered this Spring semester and is a quantitative II option for all CBS students. CSCI 3003 is designed specifically for biology students with no previous programming background. No previous experience or knowledge of programming is required. A course in introductory biology (e.g. BIOL 2002, BIOL 2002H, BIOL 1009, or AP Biology) is needed to follow the underlying biological motivation for assignments and examples discussed in class and labs.

CVM 5912: Creativity and Research

A new course on Creativity and Research (CVM 5912) will use creativity to examine issues in research as well as creative approaches to professional development (motivation, influence, leadership, learning, problem solving and job satisfaction). The course will be conducted in a workshop format over winter break (four days: January 8-11, 2018, 8 a.m. to noon).

BIOL 3700 offered this spring

A special topics course on stem cells (BIOL3700) is offered in spring 2018. The course will be suitable for students who have successfully completed at least one biology course, including students from freshman to junior year. The difficulty will be at a 2000 level class, although the course number is BIOL3700.

Biology of the Galápagos

Biology of the Galápagos
The course is a four-credit, field-oriented course (e.g., the course satisfies the field biology requirement in EEB) and can be petitioned to meet an upper-level marine biology elective requirement. There is no charge for tuition in the course.

Fall 2017: WRIT 4664W Science, Medical, and Health Writing

If you're interested in combining your knowledge of science with your passion for writing, look no further than WRIT 4664W.

In this three-credit offering, you will read various kinds of science, medical, and health writing; develop heuristics, grounded in rhetorical theory for science, medical, and health writing; and research, draft, and write a variety of science, medical, and health genres for a range of audiences using print and multimodal outlets.

The course consists of four modules: 

Fall 2017: Take a Career-Related Course!

Get ready for life after graduating by enrolling Biology 2001 or Biology 3610 this fall!

BIOL 2001 Career Planning for Biologists: Fall 2017 Tuesdays 3:35-4:25

Want to make progress on your career planning but are overwhelmed with where to start? Consider registering for Biology 2001!  This one-credit pass/fail course provides students structure to engage in career decision-making and planning while breaking down the process into manageable steps.

Spots Open in Coral Reef Ecology Course

There are two to three spots left on the Winter-Break course, "Coral Reef Ecology" in the field. Specifically, the group travels to Roatan, in the Honduran Bay Islands, and spend 9 days diving, becoming Reef-Check certified "Eco Divers," conducting a bit of research, and learning about various underwater habitats. It's an amazing course!

Dates this year are 12/30/17 - 1/8/18

The group stays at Anthony's Key, which is fabulous, and have unlimited shore diving, plus 2 or more boat dives each day, weather permitting.