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New-course announcements and course features and highlights to keep you in the know!

Fall course announcement: CESP 3993-002: Exploring Self, Community, and Engagement during Turbulent Times

Are you asking yourself —

  • How can I help my communities respond to the impacts of COVID-19? 
  • How do we build and maintain community in a time of distancing? 
  • What motivates me personally to be engaged in the community? 
  • How can I keep from getting overwhelmed by the scope and scale of systemic inequities and injustices, and take actions that will make a difference? 

 In this course you will —

​​​​​​​BIOL 2001 Career Planning for Biologists

Want to make progress on your career planning but are overwhelmed with where to start? Consider registering for Biology 2001!  This one-credit pass/fail course provides students structure to engage in career decision-making and planning while breaking down the process into manageable steps.

Consider this course if you want to explore career options in the biological sciences, prepare for job or internship applications or want to organize your graduate school or job application process. Learn more

New summer course - Deconstructing Research: Writing about Biological Research for Non-scientists 

Course: BIOL 4321W

Instructor: Dr. Maxwell Kramer

Deconstructing Research is designed for students to improve their skills in selecting primary research papers, understanding the experimental approaches taken by the authors of those papers, and evaluating the results and conclusions. Students will then share their knowledge by writing effective deconstructions that explain the research approaches and results for different audiences. This course will focus on COVID-19. 

Summer 2020 Course: Toward Conquest of Disease

Offered in summer, BIOL 3700, section 001

Professor Clarence Lehman

This course takes a broad view of disease — ecological, social, and medical. As a part, we will track and project the COVID-19 pandemic in real-time. The focus is inspired by William Foege’s observation that we conquered smallpox because we adapted faster than the pathogen. Pathogens must adapt biologically, we adapt behaviorally and technologically. Thus we overcome. 

Get an introduction to computing in biology this fall

Consider registering for Introduction to Computing in Biology (CSci 3003) this fall. You do NOT need any experience programming.

Meeting Times

Lectures: T/Th 2:30-3:45pm

Weekly Lab sessions: Fri 9:05‐11:00am, Fri 11:15am-1:10pm, OR Fri 1:25‐3:30pm

Explore careers in biology and take Biology Colloquium (BIOL 1020) during Fall 2020

Get serious about career exploration. Connect with faculty research, learn about opportunities in industry and healthcare, and gain leadership experience in this student-run course. Register for BIOL 1020! Learn more about the course.

“Biology Colloquium is one credit you will never forget. There is no better way to jumpstart your future career!”

Course Flyer

Have you added Sustainability Education courses to your schedule?

Fall 2020 registration is open!

Consider registering for sustainability courses. Sustainability is vital to the success of our communities, our planet, and everything in between — perhaps now more than ever. Sustainability Education offers three fall courses designed to prepare you to incorporate sustainability into your future career:

Updates to GCD course offerings - 2020 May and Summer Courses

See below for updates to GCD course offerings. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to your academic advisor!

May 2020 term

GCD 5111/8111, Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Fulfills GCD major elective lab requirement
  • Zoom lectures with back-up recording. 

Summer 2020

Biol 3015, Molecular Biology

Take Molecular Biology (BIOL 3015) this summer

This 2-credit course will be offered for the first time this summer 2020.  This course is intended for students majoring in biology who have taken introductory biology and chemistry courses. Biol 3015 will provide a strong foundation in the discipline of molecular biology, and will serve as a prerequisite for upper level courses in CBS.