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Register for BIOL 3610: Professional Experiences in the Biological Sciences. (Internship Course)   

Interested in earning credit for your biology related internship this spring semester? Consider registering for BIOL 3610 Internship: Professional Experience in Biological Sciences!

This S/N course allows students to engage in structured reflection and career development throughout the internship experience while earning credit. A student must secure their own internship which can be paid, unpaid or stipend and intern a minimum of 150 hours over at least 10 weeks.

BIOL 4950: Scientific Writing for Directed Research

Are you signing up for Writing Intensive-Directed Research this spring?  Writing up your research can be a difficult task. However, there is help! Next semester, enroll in a 1-credit writing support course to take you through all steps of writing your directed research paper.  

Why take this course?  You’ll get:

Pre-Health Student Resource Center Global Seminars

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center offers two global seminars over winter break, one to India, one to Thailand. While they each have their own unique experiences, both seminars focus on global health within the context of their respective countries and are led by health professionals. New this year, students that take part in these seminars will all have the opportunity to continue learning back in Minnesota with a 7-week, in-person course during the 2019 spring semester in a joint setting with students from both seminars.