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Fulfill an Upper Division Elective Requirement with Prokaryotic Genetics

Are you looking for an upper-division elective to fulfill your genetics requirement? Register for PMB 4131/5131 - Prokaryotic Genetics Spring 2022. 

Genetics is the application of abstractions to understand biological function. Prokaryotic Genetics will focus on a molecular understanding of bacteria, archaea and phage covering both classic and modern approaches to genetics. Topics covered include classic microbial genetics, mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer, metagenomics, synthetic biology and gene editing, and much more. 

Hone your scicomm skills spring semester!

Add Biol 5701 Science Communication: A Primer for Scientists to your course list for spring semester!

Are you interested in honing your skills as a communicator? This class will help you improve your skills and gain confidence through practice and feedback. At the end of the course, you will have two finished pieces that you can use for fellowship applications or to publish. Here's some of what we will cover in the course:

New Course - Spring 2022

Interested in the cutting-edge CRISPR genome editing and engineering technologies and their applications; want to design your first CRISPR and watch it in action; curious about the implications and ethics of these technologies? Put BIOL 3051 Genome Editing and Engineering on your spring 2022 course list!

Instructors: Kyle Costa and Feng Zhang

Meeting time: TBA

Prerequisites: Foundations of Biology I and II (BIOL 1951/1951H and BIOL 2003/2003H) or Biol 1009 or BMEN 2501