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Our faculty and students are creating new knowledge every day and driving solutions to some of our greatest challenges. You are now viewing a collection of discoveries at the College of Biological Sciences.

A Penchant for Patterns

Tim Griffin and colleagues are developing a “multiomic” platform to help cancer researchers identify meaningful mutations.
Tim Griffin

When things go right, protein production within cells operates like a well-oiled machine.

A Solar-Powered Solution for Bioremediation

A new paper from the Wackett and Aksan labs introduces innovative biotech for harnessing solar energy to clean up toxic waste.

Sometimes, humans create environmental messes that are so nasty, we just don’t know what to do. Emergent biotech developed at the University of Minnesota, however, is combining a few tricks from mother nature with sophisticated engineering approaches to help us clean up our act.

Message the Midwife

CBS alum Katelyn Pastick was part of the team that took silver in the Institute on the Environment's 2016 Acara Challenge for text messaging service for pregnant women in Uganda.
Katelyn Pastick


Up in the Air

As results from aerial analyses of biodiversity roll in, Cedar Creek researchers set their sights even higher, participating in a lofty proposal to launch a satellite that can do the job on a global scale.
A remotely sensed spectral image of the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve prairie grassland biodiversity experiment (BioDIV).</body></html>

Virus' DNA-Hijacking Ability Explained

Surprising results solve a decades-old puzzle and open door to exploring new therapies to combat HIV-1, retrovirus-based cancers.
Hideki Aihara, Ke Shi and Zhiqi Yin
Hideki Aihara, Ke Shi and Zhiqi Yin 

Retroviruses are cagy buggers.