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Our faculty and students are creating new knowledge every day and driving solutions to some of our greatest challenges. You are now viewing a collection of discoveries at the College of Biological Sciences.

Steroid Surprise

Mutant mystery leads to discovery of new mechanism for hormone transport.

"We don’t know what it is yet that’s controlling the movement of these vesicles. ...

Research Round-Up: Summer 2015

The latest publications from College of Biological Sciences researchers.
Researchers find metabolic enzyme may have broader reach

A study led by Michael O’Connor and post-doctoral fellow Arpan Ghosh (Genetics, Cell Biology and Development) found that a metabolic enzyme thought to be active only in microbes and not in higher eukaryotes may be active in higher eu

A Clearer View of Cannabis

Study led by George Weiblen establishes the genetic difference between hemp and marijuana.
George Weiblen

"With this study, we have indisputable evidence for a genetic basis of differences among Cannabis varieties." 

Genetic differences between hemp and marijuana determine whether Cannabis plants have the potential for psychoactivity, ac

APOBEC3G Vif-binding domain structure solved

Professors Hiroshi Matsuo and Reuben Harris, in collaboration with Professor Celia Schiffer (U. Massachusetts Medical School), solved the structure of the Vif-binding domain of human APOBEC3G (A3G). APOBEC3G, a DNA cytosine deaminase, restricts HIV-1 infection. 

Bringing it all together

U of M expertise in the fast-growing discipline known as multi-omics is opening new avenues to our understanding of disease and fundamental biology.

mass spectrometry lab

RAPID research

CBS faculty partner with international colleagues to establish a predictive enzyme database.

Larry WackettMost Minnesotans would welcome a January respite from winter. A team of BTI faculty got one — in snowy Switzerland.