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CBS students start their collegiate journey at the headwaters of the Mississippi where they meet faculty, make friends and learn biology in a living laboratory and continues back on campus with in classrooms and labs, study spaces and student groups. You are now viewing a collection of education and teaching news, opportunities and highlights at the College of Biological Sciences

Field Trips Return to Cedar Creek

The College’s field station welcomed back K-12 visitors after almost two years this fall. 

Students at Cedar Creek
MN GreenCorps member Savanna Henning assisted small groups of 5th graders as they measured abiotic variables including temperature and light availability across three ecosystems.

Fulfill an Upper Division Elective Requirement with Prokaryotic Genetics

Are you looking for an upper-division elective to fulfill your genetics requirement? Register for PMB 4131/5131 - Prokaryotic Genetics Spring 2022. 

Genetics is the application of abstractions to understand biological function. Prokaryotic Genetics will focus on a molecular understanding of bacteria, archaea and phage covering both classic and modern approaches to genetics. Topics covered include classic microbial genetics, mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer, metagenomics, synthetic biology and gene editing, and much more.