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Research news from Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. 

Nature and nurture

Professor Marlene Zuk’s newest book dives in to the debate about what drives behavior.

Marlene Zuk

In her latest book, Marlene Zuk, illuminates how all our attributes, behavior or not, are shaped by both genes and the environment, in a complex way that defies a simple binary. She shared her thoughts on the topic as well as writing about science.

A quest to collect crabs

Retired professor Frank Barnwell traveled the world to collect the seashore dwelling fiddler crabs. Now that collection has a permanent home at the American Museum of Natural History.

Frank Barnwell looking for crabs

Diverse perspectives on biodiversity

Global survey reveals that more species are threatened with extinction than previously thought

With millions of plant and animal species scattered across every biome on the planet, biodiversity is a complex topic. Experts from all over the world need to communicate across borders to bring the global challenges to biodiversity into focus. How can researchers share their findings to build a common understanding of the risks and opportunities for action?