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The department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior conducts a broad range of research spanning molecules to ecosystems from chimpanzee behavior to bacterial evolution, predator interactions on the Serengeti Plains to the impact of nutrients on grasslands. You are now viewing a collection of news, features and opportunities for and about EEB.

The Plots Heard Around the World

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve research is shaping ecological understanding across cultures and continents.

Cedar Creek Experiment Plots

Two decades ago, over the summer before he started working as a grad student investigating the effect of limiting nutrients on plant species under Regents Professor David Tilman,

Risky Business

Valery Forbes is working to improve our ability to predict impacts of human activities on organisms and ecosystems.

Valery Forbes

Valery Forbes in the lab with a tank containing Capitella teleta, a tiny worm that may be a useful ally cleaning up after oil spills. Below: Close up of Capitella teleta, which burrow into sandy sediments.

Not Business as Usual

Meet a few of the College of Biological Sciences faculty using their biology expertise to develop commercial solutions to environmental, health and education needs.


University Announces Grand Challenges Grants

CBS faculty among the recipients of the new interdisciplinary research grants

The first round of University of Minnesota Grand Challenges Research grants, totaling $3.6 million, were awarded to 29 teams of faculty from across the Twin Cities campus. The research collaborations address the University's five interrelated Grand Challenges areas of special focus, with one integrative initiative spanning multiple areas. Areas of focus include:

Getting to the Y

This Grand Challenges in Biology research team looks to develop a clearer picture of sex chromosome evolution, key to a better understanding of chromosomal disorders.

Brandvain, Zarkower, Blackmon
From left: Yaniv Brandvain, David Zarkower, Heath Blackmon

EEB Graduate Program Inaugural Newsletter

Ecology Building
News from the DGS

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the EEB Graduate Program Newsletter. I am pleased to report on the Ecology, Evolution and Behavior graduate program as the Director of Graduate Studies. I have now served as the Director for one full year. The program continues to expand, both in size and research areas. As a result of this, the program graduated seven