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Employment opportunities

Here you will find a collection of employment opportunities both within and outside the College of Biological Sciences.

Join the team The Journal of Young Investigators

The Journal of Young Investigators is an entirely student-led and peer-reviewed journal that publishes physical, social, and biological sciences research. Students can get involved with the publication as a member of our staff, as we are currently hiring for a number of open positions in our corporate and editorial departments. JYI provides an incredible first-hand look at the inner-workings of a research journal for students interested in pursuing academic research in the future. 

CBS BioScience Speed Networking Event

Are you actively looking for a job or internship? Get support! Join the CBS Career Team for our fourth annual employer networking event created for students ready to join the bioscience industry. This is a unique opportunity to network with science employers, learn about internship or full-time opportunities, and learn more about careers in the biological sciences.

Gap Year Alumni Panel and Healthcare Opportunities Event

Are you interested in taking some time off prior to applying or starting health professional school, or are you uncertain on whether you are competitive enough to get into health professional school immediately after graduation? Attend this virtual meeting to learn from recent alumni who have completed or are currently in a gap year before health professional school.

Work in a national park this summer — USA Jobs 101

It’s not too early for students to be thinking about summer jobs! Our local national park (Saint Paul, MN and St. Croix Falls, WI) are hiring! Spring/summer 2021 joobos are poosted and may close around Dec. 10 for start dates in April/May 2021. MISS in Saint Paul is expecting to hire several park rangers (student and seasonal positions), biological science technicians (student and seasonal positions) and an education technician.

Submit early! These postings close after they hit the applicant limit. 

Fall 2020 CBS Career Exploration Week

Get a jumpstart on your career planning and exploration the first week of October. 

CBS career exploration week header

Start your career planning and preparations this fall and join in on a series of events during the CBS Career Exploration week October 5-8.

College of Biological Sciences Outreach Design Assistant 

The CBS Outreach Design Assistant is an undergraduate part-time position (~5-10 hours per week). The person in this role will be responsible for both generating and managing content for public communications for various CBS Outreach programs. In this position you will be expected to contribute to both new design concepts as well as creating new content within existing design parameters. The Design Assistant will support a high collaborative team and will be expected to work well in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

TA for BIOL 1912 —Photographing the University Community

The seminar will provide students and faculty an opportunity to explore the art of photojournalism and/or documentary photography. Students and faculty will take photographs on the University campus or the surrounding neighborhoods and then each person will assemble their photographs into a coherent essay. The seminar will include social themes, and will have a strong writing component, as well as the obvious focus on photography.

Requirements: Undergraduate student with an interest in photography

Call for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

The Department of Biology Teaching and Learning has approximately 10 open positions of Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Biology 1001,1003 or 1009 in the Fall 2020 semester. The essential qualifications for these positions are advanced undergraduate standing (junior or senior carrying at least six credits) and completion of at least Biol 1951/1961 (or equivalent). Successful candidates typically have more experience in biology through additional coursework, jobs, or research.