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Equity + Diversity

A collection of news, features and opportunities regarding equity and diversity at the College of Biological Sciences and beyond.


Student Parent HELP Center

The Student Parent HELP Center is a comprehensive support service program for pregnant and parenting students. Students with children are facing a particularly difficult time due to COVID-19. Undergraduates, who tend to be the most low-income and are more likely to be single parents, are at significant risk for leaving the institution.

New CBS initiative aims to advance racial equity in the classroom

The program kicks off this fall and focuses on advancing anti-racist teaching practices in CBS classrooms and labs. 

Faculty member engages undergrads in an active learning classroom

This fall, a group of faculty members and teaching assistants (TAs) are working together to identify practices and set goals that support anti-racist approaches to teaching.

New mentoring program for undergrads

Field Guides - seminars and mentorship for undergraduates interested in ecology and related fields

CBS graduate students are excited to announce Field Guides — a new student-led mentoring program in the College of Biological Sciences. The program provides two types of opportunities for undergraduate students: