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External Research Opportunity

Here you will find external research opportunities for College of Biological Sciences undergraduate students.

Participate in National Survey on Bats for a Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card

Lydia Nixon, PhD candidate at North Dakota State University, is looking for undergraduate University of Minnesota students to respond to her survey study. Her lab is conducting a research study about peoples’ perceptions of bats and how those perceptions may have changed since the beginning of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) pandemic. If you choose to be part of the study, you will complete an anonymous survey that asks basic questions on a range of topics such as general knowledge about bats, feelings towards bats and other wildlife, and experiences with SARS-CoV-2.

Postbaccalaureate Paid Research Opportunity with Stowers Institute for Medical Research

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research is accepting applications for Stowers Research Scholars. 

This program is a paid one-year mentored postbaccalaureate research fellowship. Through guided research experience and academic career mentoring, this program aims to increase the number of NIH-defined underrepresented students in fundamental biological research. This year, up to three applicants will be selected to start the program in June.