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Faculty in the College of Biological Sciences conduct research on a broad range of subjects, from molecules to ecosystems, and make discoveries that improve human health, restore the environment, provide new sources of renewable energy and enhance agriculture. Here you will find a collection of news, features and opportunities for and about CBS faculty.

Checking in with Dean Forbes - March 2021

A year ago, we found ourselves at the beginning of the pandemic. Classes moved online and uncertainty about the future pervaded our lives. Much has changed in that time and uncertainty remains, but the path forward is clearer and hope for a return to some version of normal seems to be within reach. In the meantime, the work of educating, discovering and engaging continues.

SciSpark 2021

Five minutes, five slides, no limit to the fascinating things you will learn about the living world!

SciSpark 2021

Checking in with Dean Forbes - February 2021

Last week, the University announced it will provide free tuition to students whose families make $50,000 or less a year, putting college within reach for more Minnesota students. It’s a great move and one that also serves as a tangible step toward greater equity. 

Canopies for communities and chimps

Researchers summarize 60 years of collaborative work in and around Gombe National Park, efforts to support local communities and protect ailing chimpanzee populations.

The new old age

What if by addressing the underlying cause of aging we could prevent age-related illnesses? New research points the way to extending “healthspan.”

Laura Niedernofer didn’t set out to study the biology of aging. Early in her career, she focused on the health impact of DNA damage and how it plays out in rare childhood disorders, an area of inquiry still important to her.

Checking in With Dean Forbes -- December 2020

The end of the year is nearly here and for many it won’t be missed. We’re all hoping for better days to come in 2021. While things won’t return to normal any time soon, we have cause for hope that this year will be the inverse of the last one. I am incredibly grateful to all of you for going above and beyond to deliver on our mission in spite of it all. 

Tropical dry forest in the spotlight

A special section in Biotropica edited by Jennifer Powers gives a window into one of the most famous research areas in the tropics.

University of Minnesota undergraduates on a field course in Santa Rosa, 2013
University of Minnesota undergraduates on a field course in Santa Rosa, 2013 (photo credit: Jennifer Powers)

An Award-Winning Educator

Ann RougvieDr. Ann Rougvie, professor of Genetics, Cell biology & Development, has been an outstanding contributor to undergraduate education in the College of Biological Sciences for nearly three decades.