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The Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development spans a broad spectrum of biological disciplines, including the storage and expression of information (genetics), its translation into the workings of individual cells (cell biology), and the assembly of cells into tissues and organ systems (development). Here you will find a collection of news, features and opportunities for and about GCD.

An Award-Winning Educator

Ann RougvieDr. Ann Rougvie, professor of Genetics, Cell biology & Development, has been an outstanding contributor to undergraduate education in the College of Biological Sciences for nearly three decades.

Looking Back with Bonnie LeRoy

Long-term head of Genetic Counseling Bonnie LeRoy reflects back on her experience leading the program.

After many years of service, Bonnie LeRoy recently stepped down as head of the program this last spring. During her phased retirement, she plans to finish the revision of the second edition Genetic Counseling Practice: Advanced Concepts and Skills, work with some grads toward bringing some past student projects to publication and work with program faculty as a co-advisor for some of the current students who will graduate in May of 2021.

GCD faculty member brings expertise in immunodeficiency to collaborative research effort

A new grant allows researchers to test targeted approaches to sickle cell disease, Fanconi anemia and primary immunodeficiency.

From identifying foreign viruses to removing dead or dying cells, the immune system is comprised of a variety of cells performing distinct tasks. These cells develop from hematopoietic stem cells which are undifferentiated cells that reside in bone marrow, a spongy tissue inside of bones. Depending on a number of cues, hematopoietic stem cells will differentiate into specialized cells.

Identifying irregularities

A new grant allows researchers to explore oddities in the waning moments of the cell cycle, with implications for cancer therapies and Fanconi anemia research.

Naoko Shima

Easier Detection of Disease

Lauren Aufdembrink works to make virus detection, similar to COVID-19 PCR tests, easier and cheaper for providers.

Lauren AufdembrinkIn the midst of the pandemic, one of the most constant ways individuals worldwide have determined if they have COVID-19 is through PCR

A Q&A with Tad Sonstegard

GCD alum shares his thoughts on life after graduation.

Tad Sonstegard received his Ph.D. in Genetics & Cell Biology (precursor to MCDB&G) 1995 and is currently the chief executive officer/chief science officer of Acceligen, a division of Recombinetics

Four GCD Seniors Named to Phi Beta Kappa

Four graduating seniors majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development were welcomed as members of Phi Beta Kappa this year. The graduates named to the society include:

Divya AlleyDivya Alley

2020 GCD Pre-Commencement Celebration Reception

GCD plans to host a Pre-Commencement Reception to celebrate GCD graduates, together with their families, friends and other supporters, just prior to CBS graduation. This year, the department is planning an online celebration, dates and times to be determined soon. GCD faculty are looking forward to seeing you there and celebrating your achievements! Please help make the event a success by submitting the following to make sure that your supporters see slide(s) of you!