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Here you will find a collection of press releases regarding College of Biological researchers and discoveries.

Message from Dean Valery Forbes | The shooting of Daunte Wright

Email sent to the CBS community April 13, 2021

Dear CBS community,

As you know, a Brooklyn Center Police Department officer shot and killed Daunte Wright on Sunday. This tragedy adds fresh trauma to the open wound of previous killings at the hands of police. That this pattern continues unchanged nearly a year after the death of George Floyd underscores the need for immediate individual and systemic change.

Immigration to the United States changes a person's microbiome

Immigration to the United States changes a person’s microbiome

Researchers at the University of Minnesota and the Somali, Latino, and Hmong Partnership for Health and Wellness have new evidence that the gut microbiota of immigrants and refugees rapidly Westernize after a person’s arrival in the United States.

Longtime Director of Itasca Retires

CBS Professor and Director of Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories Dave Biesboer to retire at the end of 2017.

Dave Biesboer at Itasca in the field with a group of students at Nature of Life.

UMN Researchers Provide Molecular Portraits of a New Cancer Drug Target

Unprecedented images of cancer genome-mutating enzymes acting on DNA provide vital clues into how the enzymes work to promote tumor evolution and drive poor disease outcomes. These images, revealed by University of Minnesota researchers, provide the first ever high-resolution pictures of molecular complexes formed between DNA and the human APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B enzymes.

The research is published today online in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.