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The department of Plant and Microbial Biology works to advance knowledge of basic plant and microbial biology. Teaching and research programs in the department cover molecular, biochemical, cellular, developmental, physiological, organismal, ecological, and evolutionary biology of plants, algae and fungi. Here you will find a collection of news, features and opportunities for and about PMB.

CBS People: Sara Eliason

The Graduate Program Coordinator for Plant and Microbial Biology enjoys dabbling in a bit of everything both professionally and in her personal life. 

Setting the stage

Researchers deploy buoys and teams to collect expansive data sets, and anticipate more research acts to come.

Man in left of frame using a measuring device to mark a small sapling with green forest in the background

It’s a ... buoy! 

From the shores of Lake Itasca, the blob on the horizon might be mistaken for an abandoned watercraft. State Park staff did just that earlier this year.

Life on logs

The loss of Minnesota’s largest white pine opens opportunities for researchers to talk about its afterlife, an often ignored, yet rich chapter of its story.

Pine tree in center of frame surrounded by smaller other trees with blue sky in background