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Life on logs

The loss of Minnesota’s largest white pine opens opportunities for researchers to talk about its afterlife, an often ignored, yet rich chapter of its story.

Pine tree in center of frame surrounded by smaller other trees with blue sky in background

Hoping for a breakdown

Researchers seek to identify proteins that break down a widely prescribed drug, with wide-reaching implications, from wastewater treatment plants to the pharmaceutical industry.

water rushing from spouts

One of the most widely prescribed drugs in the world is wildly inefficient. Patients gulp down a large pill and the vast majority goes straight into the toilet. 

Checking in With Dean Forbes -- Summer 2021

Even as we enjoy the long days of summer, fall and a return to campus feel like they are just around the corner. While things won’t be exactly as they were and flexible work will allow greater latitude in how and where we do our jobs, the prospect of connecting in person with students and colleagues is certainly something to look forward to. In the meantime, I have a few updates to share with you.