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Public events

Events and opportunities for the public to engage with activities happening at the College of Biological Sciences. 

Fostering future scientists

Volunteers guided first and second grade students through a morning of hands-on STEM activities during the inaugural STEM Day.

students learn about insect life cycles at STEM day

For two hours, students met tarantulas, served as citizen scientists for Eyes on the Wild and sketched out insect life cycles, to name just a

Spring 2020 Petri Dish Series

Petri Dish Spring 2020

March 4 

Clearing the air around Cannabis

Cannabis has been classified as a controlled substance under federal law since 1970. The plant’s outlaw status hampered research and disrupted cultivation of Cannabis used for hemp fiber.

Message from the Curator -- Winter 2020

Bringing even more plants to the people of Minnesota!

The grand opening of the new College of Biological Sciences Conservatory & Botanical Collection is getting closer and we can’t wait to share this amazing new space with you. I hope you will join us on March 21 for tours, plant-based activities, research talks and more. You’ll find details here.