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At the College of Biological Sciences we learn biology by doing biology, and our faculty are on the cutting edge of research and discovery in the field. Here you will find a collection of news, features and opportunities concerning research at CBS.

Tropical dry forest in the spotlight

A special section in Biotropica edited by Jennifer Powers gives a window into one of the most famous research areas in the tropics.

University of Minnesota undergraduates on a field course in Santa Rosa, 2013
University of Minnesota undergraduates on a field course in Santa Rosa, 2013 (photo credit: Jennifer Powers)

GCD faculty member brings expertise in immunodeficiency to collaborative research effort

A new grant allows researchers to test targeted approaches to sickle cell disease, Fanconi anemia and primary immunodeficiency.

From identifying foreign viruses to removing dead or dying cells, the immune system is comprised of a variety of cells performing distinct tasks. These cells develop from hematopoietic stem cells which are undifferentiated cells that reside in bone marrow, a spongy tissue inside of bones. Depending on a number of cues, hematopoietic stem cells will differentiate into specialized cells.

Identifying irregularities

A new grant allows researchers to explore oddities in the waning moments of the cell cycle, with implications for cancer therapies and Fanconi anemia research.

Naoko Shima

Eleanor’s Quilt

Raymond Lindeman made field-shaping discoveries at Cedar Creek. An art project celebrates the role his wife, Eleanor, played.

Eleanor's Quilt

Teaching ecology and evolution online

A special issue in Ecology and Evolution showcases teaching innovations during the COVID pandemic and features several articles penned by CBS faculty and students.

The rapid transition to virtual learning and teaching in early spring 2020 brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic upended education for educators, students and parents alike. Alongside many challenges came innovative approaches and new opportunities to center inclusive practices.

Checking in With Dean Forbes - November 2020

Grim headlines confront us each day as the pandemic continues to take its toll in so many ways. Like many of you, I read the news each day with trepidation. The exponential growth of positive cases of COVID here and in the country as a whole is unsettling. 

Three CBS faculty members named AAAS fellows

2020 AAAS Fellows
Jessica Hellmann, Elizabeth Borer and Nathan Springer were all named 2020 AAAS fellows. 

College of Biological Sciences faculty members Elizabeth Borer, Jessica Hellmann and Nathan Springer are among the five University of Minnesota faculty named 2020 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow.