Safety of Minors policy update

Important notice for leaders of programs for K-12 youth

The formal communications to chancellors regarding the new Safety of Minors policy went out late Thursday, January 22. The policy and related documents are posted on the official U of M policy website, here.

Programs should register as soon as possible, but no later than February 27, by visiting the Safety of Minors online registration page. Please ask programs within your responsibilities to review the revised Safety of Minors policy and emphasize that complying with its requirements will continue to be an important part of their responsibilities.

The training is live on ULearn, and there is a version for non-U of M employees. The only difference is that the final slide doesn't have a "Complete" button, and completion of the course won't be recorded, as it is in ULearn. You will have to keep a record in whatever manner you choose. Non-University employees and volunteers can take the training in ULearn via a one-time registration.There are links to both versions on the Safety of Minors policy page.

Questions? Contact Jane Phillips at