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Here you will find a collection of profiles and updates for and about staff in the College of Biological Sciences.

CBS People: Tim O'Brien

A University alum that CBS keeps on his toes!

Tim O'Brien

What do you do here?

I'm a technologist with CBS Research and Learning Technologies.

What brought you to the Twin Cities?

I transferred to the U as a "junior" in Fall '12 or '13... I can't remember which. 

CBS People: Zack Gill

From peer advising, through the wilderness, to academic advisor!

Zach Gill

What do you do here?

I am an academic advisor in CBS Student Services.

2016-17 Faculty Senate and College Election Results

The 2016-17 CBS election results are as follows:

University Senate

Newly elected senators

  • Mark Bee, BTL
  • Sue Gibson, PMB
  • Georgiana May, EEB

Continuing senators

  • Anke Reinders, PMB
  • Sue Wick, PMB/BTL

The alternates for 2016-17 are the pool of all faculty and academic professionals eligible to vote for senators.

CBS People: Angie Koebler

New to the College of Biological Sciences, this staffer delights in discovery

Angie KoeblerWhat do you do here?

I am the Conservatory Services Coordinator at the CBS Conservatory in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology.

How long have you been at the U?

About three weeks.

CBS People: Meet Max Kramer

This postdoctoral associate in the Department of Biology Teaching and Learning came full circle back to the Twin Cities.

Max Kramer

You grew up in St. Paul. Where did you get your undergraduate and graduate degrees?

I received my undergraduate BA from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR, and my Ph.D. from New York University in New York City.

CBS People: John Curry

This CBS newcomer brings years of experience and passion to the advancement game.

John Curry

What do you do here?

I am the alumni and advancement officer for the College of Biological Sciences.

How long have you been at the U?

This is my first position at the University. I've been here since mid-June.