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Student Profile

Here you will find a collection of profiles featuring the amazing students who make up the College of Biological Sciences.

CBSelfie with Kirsten Meltesen

Kirsten Meltesen’s experience studying abroad, working at the Bell Museum and conducting research in a paleobiology lab give her a holistic view of research.

Kirsten Meltesen stands in a jean jacket with her hair down

Fourth Year 

South Elgin, IL

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

CBSelfie with Kira Sampson

Senior Neuroscience major Kira Sampson credits her interest in mental health and her study abroad experience in Thailand as the driving force of her future plans.

Kira wears a black shirt

Fourth Year 

Elmhurst, IL


CBSelfie with Maria Zavala Garcia

Maria Zavala Garcia believes in integrating community service with healthcare, thanks to experiences in CBS and the North Star STEM Alliance.

Maria Zavala Garcia


New Brighton, MN


Political Science

CBSelfie with Alex Rich

Alex advocates for students’ mental health and serves on the CBS Student Board and Boynton’s de-stress program. 

Alex Rich standing on the stone arch bridge in the winter

Hometown: Normal, IL

Major: Neuroscience

Minors: Health Psychology, Behavioral Biology

Year: Senior

CBSelfie with Kassra Taghizadeh

CBS senior combines passion for science and theater through coursework and extracurriculars, slowly discovering how the seemingly disparate studies intertwine.

Kassra stands in a denim shirt

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Theatre Arts

CBSelfie with Molly Tillmann

Molly Tillmann, a Ph.D. student in Plant and Microbial Biology, first got her start in ecology interning at Cedar Creek for two summers as an undergraduate student. In her graduate work, she studies how plants can develop roots from aboveground organs.

Molly TIllman poses in the lab