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Student Profile

Here you will find a collection of profiles featuring the amazing students who make up the College of Biological Sciences.

CBSelfie with Joshua Havill

A third year PhD student in Plant and Microbial Biology, Joshua Havill is trying to save hops… and thus beer. He started studying hop powdery mildew, a poorly-understood disease that plagues hop growers, as an undergraduate transfer student. 

Joshua Havill 

Lab: Muehlbauer Lab

Entered Program: Summer 2017

CBSelfie with Erica Ellingson

CBS senior with a family history in CBS (two older sisters also completed undergraduate degrees here) paves her path through research, service and coursework.

Erica Ellingson

Year: Senior

Hometown: Willmar, MN

Major: Cellular and Organismal Physiology

CBSelfie with Ashley Arthur

Ashley Arthur juggles two degrees, research and outreach while pursuing her PhD in MCDB&G.

Ashley Arthur

Ashley Arthur, a sixth-year PhD student in MCDB&G also completed a MS in Computational Biology. Conducting research in a cell biology lab and starting the UMN Chapter of Girls Who Code keeps her busy on campus.

CBSelfie with Jocelyn Ricard

Multiple study abroad trips helped ground senior Jocelyn Ricard’s coursework and professional pursuits. 

Jocelyn Ricard

Year: Senior

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Major: Neuroscience

CBSelfie with Reed Grumann

Through his extracurricular activities and coursework, junior Reed Grumann aims to combine his dual interests of advocacy and science.



Yardley, Pennsylvania 

Microbiology and Political Science

A STEM Standout

CBS undergraduate Macy Vollbrecht shares her thoughts on receiving the Astronaut Scholarship and her interest in genetics. 

Macy Vollbrecht

This scholarship will aid toward your research endeavors. What are you planning to use this scholarship for and what draws you to that area of research? What are you hoping to find?

CBSelfie with Adam Kostanecki

This to-be senior and Plant and Microbial Biology major has a passion for understanding the interplay between plants and their environment.

Adam Kostanecki

Your year and major?
I am a senior in CBS studying Plant and Microbial Biology.

Innovation through internationalization

Xianyi Xiong receives University award for work on campus internationalization.

Xianyi Xiong

For Xianyi Xiong, looking at the world from multiple perspectives is merely everyday life. The junior, who is studying microbiology and biochemistry, has to interact with classmates, manage schoolwork and live in an American city as a first-generation, foreign-born student from China.

Science meets social action

Graduate student Siddharth Bharath Iyengar received the University’s 2019 Outstanding Community Service Award for his work at the intersection of social and environmental justice and science.

Siddharth Iyengar

Siddharth Bharath Iyengar’s interest in community is expansive.