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Undergraduate students

Here you will find a collection of news, information and updates for College of Biological Sciences undergraduate students.

Finding the Right Track

Abby Kohut-Jackson has built a life around finding the right cadence, from balancing athletics and academics to figuring out her best race pace.

Abigail Kohut-Jackson competing outside in track and field running

Triple Threat

Three majors and a nonprofit dedicated to changing the narrative around substance use disorders – and Madelyn Blake is just getting started!

Madelyn Blake outside on campus wearing a grey blazer.

Marching Into the Spotlight

Graduating senior Julia White reflects on how diverse experiences shaped her plans for the future.

Julia White stands in white drum major outfit holding a baton in front of row of marching band.

For many students, college is a time to explore. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure that can have a profound influence on future direction. Julia White is no exception. Time in the marching band and a trip to Iceland left an imprint.