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UofM Research Opportunity

Here you will find University of Minnesota research opportunities for College of Biological Sciences undergraduate students.

Work in the Voytas Lab

Dr. Daniel Voytas Lab is seeking a sophomore or junior undergraduate to join the lab. This position is for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences. 

Projects involve cutting edge genetic engineering, virology and synthetic biology in crop plants. Students who are accepted will gain skills in:

Join the Aliota Lab

Graduating in December? Interested in host-virus interactions? Want to understand arbovirus evolution, transmission, and pathogenesis to better prepare for the next epidemic?  

You might be a good candidate for this Researcher 1 position in the Aliota Lab. Learn more and apply by searching JobID 334695.


Undergraduate positions available in the Costa lab

Dr. Kyle Costa’s lab is looking for highly motivated undergraduates with an interest in environmental microbiology and molecular biology. Our lab studies the metabolism and physiology of methanogenic Archaea: the major producers of methane gas on Earth. Current projects include 1) developing genetic tools for the study of methanogens, 2) characterizing the metabolic basis of biofilm formation in methanogens, and 3) genetic analysis of energy metabolism.

Work in the Voytas Lab - 2 positions available

Dr. Daniel Voytas Lab is seeking to welcome TWO sophomore or junior undergraduate students to join the lab. These positions are for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences. Please note, depending on what position interests you, there are different contacts.

Join Mike Smanski's Bioengineering Lab

Dr. Mike Smanski's lab is seeking highly motivated undergraduates to work in the exciting field of bioengineering and synthetic biology. We are looking for students who are passionate about basic and translational science, and who want to make an impact in human disease vector control and agricultural pest control. Experience in research is not necessary. Students will work and learn by closely collaborating with Post-docs and graduate students in the lab.

Join Ben Hayden's Neuroscience Lab

Join a neuroeconomics and decision making lab this fall and work with Dr. Ben Hayden. The lab is looking for motivated undergraduates to fill some volunteer research assistant positions starting. They are looking for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. About 6-10 hours per week. For more information, visit the lab website.

Hiring: Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant (Spring 2019)

An opportunity to work in the field of plant genetics in the lab of Dr. Robert Stupar, Department of Agronomy and Plant genetics, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus. Majority of the work will be based out of lab as well as greenhouses. The successful candidate will work on following tasks: