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UofM Research Opportunity

Here you will find University of Minnesota research opportunities for College of Biological Sciences undergraduate students.

Join Ben Hayden's Neuroscience Lab

Join a neuroeconomics and decision making lab this fall and work with Dr. Ben Hayden. The lab is looking for motivated undergraduates to fill some volunteer research assistant positions starting. They are looking for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. About 6-10 hours per week. For more information, visit the lab website.

Research Opportunity in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

The Balfour Lab is recruiting incoming sophomores to volunteer in its research lab. The lab is looking for individuals that are passionate about public health, virology, vaccine development, infectious disease and clinical research. Experience in clinical or research labs is preferred. 

Hiring: Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant (Spring 2019)

An opportunity to work in the field of plant genetics in the lab of Dr. Robert Stupar, Department of Agronomy and Plant genetics, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus. Majority of the work will be based out of lab as well as greenhouses. The successful candidate will work on following tasks:

Undergraduate Research Opportunity in the Hunter Lab

The Hunter Lab (Department of Microbiology and Immunology) is looking for sophomore or junior undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving microbial genetics, proteomics, mouse infection models, primary cell culture, and anaerobic bacterial culture to study the microbial ecology of chronic respiratory disease.

While prior lab experience is a plus, it is by not required. Students who are accepted will gain skills in:

REU in the Borer/Seabloom Laboratory

What is the project?
The successful applicant will join a team that is studying the community ecology of disease. The team will be conducting lab and/or field experiments using a model plant-aphid-virus system. Broadly, the team is asking how ecological factors influence the transmission of disease and the resulting communities of pathogens. Ecological factors of interest include the fertilization and diversity of plants, the abundance and diversity of aphid vectors, and potential interactions among viruses within infected hosts.

The REU position will include training in:

Undergraduate Research Opportunity in the Voytas Lab

Arjun Khakhar, a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Daniel Voytas, is looking for sophomore or junior undergraduate students interested in working on projects involving cutting edge genetic engineering, virology and synthetic biology in crop plants. This position is for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences.

While prior lab experience is a plus, it is by no means required. Students who are accepted will gain skills in:

Summer Internships in Panama

Earn credits toward your degree and gain career experience in an internship while exploring the Bocas del Toro province of Panama.


  • Credit-bearing internship
  • Spanish course (1001-1004; optional)
  • Internships are available in a variety of fields including healthcare, conservation, teaching, marketing, business, and more
  • Eight-week program

Info Session: Learn more about the program and internship options, including Floating Doctors, on February 13 from 4:45-5:45p.m. at the PHSRC.

Research Position in the Sachs Lab

The Sachs Lab, a translational research science lab in the Cancer Center studying acute myeloid leukemia using mouse models and primary human samples, is seeking an undergraduate student worker.

This position would be a good fit for students who have an interested in a physician scientist/MD/PhD track, although all are welcome to apply.

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Undergraduate research opportunities in plant evolutionary ecology

Interested in gaining research experience? Need directed research credits to graduate? Apply for a research position in the Moeller Lab!

The Moeller Lab is seeking research volunteers or directed research students to work 6-10 hours per week during Spring 2019.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Plant Genetic Engineering

The Voytas lab is currently looking for a sophomore or junior undergraduate student interested in working on projects involving cutting edge genetic engineering systems in crop plants. This position requires 10-15 hours/week of lab work (hours can be flexible depending on mentor availability and independence) and is a great opportunity for students who are thinking about a research career in biotech/life sciences.