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UofM Research Opportunity

Here you will find University of Minnesota research opportunities for College of Biological Sciences undergraduate students.

PBio 4994 Directed Research Spring 2017

Plants have an immune system to protect themselves from pathogens. Join in on this directed research opportunity in Dr. Fumi Katagiri's lab to discover plant genes that are important in immunity by exploring natural variation in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

How does the project work?

This is a team research project. They are hoping to have 10 to 15 students working together.

How will students contribute?

Mayo Clinic Biomedical Ethics Research Program

The Mayo Clinic Biomedical Ethics Research Program is seeking applicants for the 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Program. This 10-week program places each student with a faculty mentor to work on a novel research project in biomedical ethics.  In addition, students will participate in the biomedical ethics summer curriculum, which includes educational sessions on bioethics research methods and lunch meetings with members of the program faculty.  With appropriate permissions, students may be given the opportunity to shadow physicians or clinical ethics consultations. 

Plant Immunity Gene Discovery Directed Research

Do you want to research in biology, but can't commit to many hours? Consider doing directed research in plant immunity gene discovery with Dr. Fumi Katagiri this semester. In PBio 4994 Directed Research, you can earn two credits. You can help discover plant genes that are important in immunity by exploring natural variation in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. The team hopes to have 10 to 15 students working together.

Undergraduate Research Position in the Department of Pediatrics

Gain experience working in a pediatrics research lab this year! The Division of Blood and Marrow Transplantation has an open Undergraduate Research Assistant position for this fall and is looking for applicants to help with sample acquisition and fatty acid experiments. Students should be prepared to work 12-15 hours per week. Interested applicants should complete the application form

CBS Conservatory Assistant Position

The CBS Conservatory is looking to hire a Conservatory Assistant to begin immediately.​ Conservatory assistantships are available only to students with the positions running for 10 hours per week for $10/hour. CA's are the primary waterers for the Conservatory's vast collection of diverse plant species. Watering is very important, as each plant needs to be watered differently. Assistants also repot plants in the collection, mix up soil mixes, plant seeds for classes and deliver and pick up plant materials.

Invasive Species Research Position

Are you interested in climate change and invasive species research? The Moeller/Tiffin labs are seeking one or two student researchers interested in helping with a project studying current threats posed by new potential invasive species to Minnesota and how those threats may shift with climate change. The student will help to collect data on the distributions of invasive species. They will build species distribution models based on the collected data and projecting those distributions into the future. Experience with using databases and GIS is helpful but not required.

Undergraduate Research Position with Dr. Steve Rice

Microbiology professor studying herpes simplex virus 1, a human DNA virus, is looking for an undergraduate for possible directed research and/or an hourly wage position. Summer research is also a possibility. The project involves genetic and molecular biological analysis of a viral nuclear regulatory protein that modifies the host cell RNA Polymerase II. Qualifications: Strong basic science background, good academic record (3.0 GPA or above), self-motivated, interest in graduate school.