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Congratulations to Claudia Neuhauser, Don Alstad, Peter Graham (Soil, Water & Climate), Georgiana May, Ruth Shaw, Dave Andow (Entomology), James Groth (Plant Pathology), George Heimpel (Entomology), Nick Jordan (Agronomy & Plant Genetics), and Trice Morrow for their five-year award of $2,965,344 from the National Science Foundation, for "Biocomplexity - Evolution and Ecology of Perturbed Interactions: Modeling Disequilibria in Time and Space," beginning 9-1-2000.

Congratulations to Diane Larson for her award of $44,155 from the USDI - National Park Service for "Ecology Effects of Leafy Spurge Infestation and Control in Theodore Roosevelt National Park".

Dr. Elmer C. Birney, passed away on June 11, 2000 from a heart attack suffered while outside caring for his cattle. Dr. Birney was a Professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, the Curator of Mammals at the Bell Museum of Natural History, and the Director of Graduate Studies of the program in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior.

Congratulations to Karen Oberhauser, for her award of $38,000 from the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office for "Monarchs in the Classroom Summer Workshop".

Margaret Davis, Regents' Professor of Ecology, retired in May. The impact she has had on EEB and the University will no doubt continue to be felt here, while her plans to keep up her research will ensure her continuing impact on the field of paleoecology.

Congratulations to Ruth Shaw, for her award for $119,969 from the National Science Foundation for "Spontaneous Mutation Affecting Quantitative Traits in Arabidopsis".

Congratulations to Robert Sterner, James Cotner, and Sarah Hobbie, for their award of $849,944 from Arizona State University (NSF Prime) for "IRCEB: Biological Stoichiometry from Genes to Ecosystems."

Congratulations to Bud Tordoff, former Director of the Bell Museum of Natural History and Professor Emeritus of EEB, who was awarded the prestigious "University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award." He received the award for promoting species preservation and conservation, most notably by leading the recovery effort to reestablish a viable population of Peregrine Falcons to the Midwestern U.S., including Minnesota.

Congratulations to Karen Oberhauser for her award of $76,668 from the State of Minnesota Higher Education Services Office for "Monarchs in the Classroom Summer Workshop."

Congratulations to EEB graduate students Christine Alfano, Lauren Fischer, Jim Russell, and Tanya Smutka who received NSF Predoctoral Fellowships this year. Honorable Mentions went to EEB graduate students Marlene Haas and Colleen McLinn.

Congratulations to Robert Sterner and Patrick Nunnally for their award of $20,000 from the State of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for "Minnesota Environmental Trends -- Upper Mississippi Basin."

Philip Regal was quoted about genetically modified foods in the March 17-19 USA Weekend.

David Tilman is quoted in the December 1999 supplement to Nature on the importance of lifestyle changes in solving major global environmental issues.

Congratulations to Sarah Hobbie who has been awarded a McKnight Land-Grant Professorship for 2000-02. She is one of twelve University of Minnesota faculty "in the early stages of their career" to receive this award this year.

Congratulations to Regents Professor Emeritus Eville Gorham who will be awarded the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth Science at a ceremony in Philadelphia April 27, 2000. He is one of 10 scientists selected to receive the prestigious Franklin medal. Eville is being honored for his work on the geochemical carbon cycle.

Beginning in the Fall of 1999, the University of Minnesota is offering a Joint Degree Program for students interested in combining a law degree with one of a broad range of graduate degrees in health and the life sciences. For information call the Joint Degree Program at 612-625-3487 or e-mail them at . Their web site is under construction at

Congratulations to Robert Sterner for his award of $45,569 from the NSF for "Trace Metal Limitation of Phytoplankton Productivity: Combined Immunological, Geochemical, and Growth Assay Approaches in Lake Superior."

Congratulations to Sarah Hobbie for her award of $214,816 from the NSF for "Collaborative research: Moist acidic versus nonacidic tundra: Why does the vegetation composition differ and what are the consequences for ecosystem carbon storage?"

Congratulations to Frank Barnwell who joined the ranks of the University's Academy of Distinguished Teachers.