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Professor Emeritus D. Frank McKinney, died suddenly of a heart attack on June 12, he was 72 years old. Dr. McKinney served 33 years at the University before retiring in 1999.

Dr. William Schmid, retired on December 31, 2000 after 34 years of service at the University of Minnesota.

Phil Regal and Clarence Lehman were featured on the Minnesota Public Radio Show "Morning Edition" during the U's Sesquicentennial Founder's Week. To read text of the "Universal U" broadcast, go to

Dr. David Tilman was appointed to the post of McKnight Presidential Chair in Ecology. The McKnight Presidential Chairs program is supported through an endowment gift to the University. Its purpose is "to help the University recruit and retain our very best professors and world-class scholars who bring special distinction to the University of Minnesota."

Dr. Donald Alstad was awarded a $10,000 grant from the TEL Small Grant Program for rebuilding and developing the Populus teaching software in Java.

Congratulations to Cynthia Brown on her award of $89,447 from the USDA for "Effects of Species and Functional Diversity on Invasions in Grasslands."

Karen Oberhauser, Michelle Prysby and Jolene Loshine were featured in the article "What's Next for Biotech Crops?" in the December 19 New York Times.

Congratulations to Georgiana May for her award of $80,013 from the University of California, Berkeley, for "Development of Tools for Potato Functional Genomics."

Karen Oberhauser was recently awarded $25,648 for "Importance of Corn Fields to Monarch Production: A Large Scale Cooperative Monitoring Effort".

Graduate student, Melody Ng, has been awarded $6,000 from the Land Institute for "Pathogens, Insect Pests and their Interactions in Natural and Cultivated Wild Rice Stands."

Dr. Robert Zink was featured in the Los Angeles Times, the North Coast Journal and the Sept. 26 Orange County Register for his study regarding gnatcatchers in Southern California. He was also interviewed on the Oct. 6 broadcast of the National Public Radio show "Living on Earth".

Dr. David Tilman has been identified and the most-cited environmental author of the past decade by Essential Science Indicators. According to the analysis, 15 of his papers have been cited a total of 1,222 times.

Holly Ewing, graduate student of the Davis lab was recently awarded the Deevey award from the Ecological Society of America.

Congratulations go out to graduate student David Lytle of the Davis lab for winning the Braun award from the Ecological Society of America.

James Underhill, Professor Emeritus of Zoology, died of lung cancer on August 4, at his home in St. Paul. He was 77.

Congratulations to Claudia Neuhauser, Don Alstad, Peter Graham (Soil, Water & Climate), Georgiana May, Ruth Shaw, Dave Andow (Entomology), James Groth (Plant Pathology), George Heimpel (Entomology), Nick Jordan (Agronomy & Plant Genetics), and Trice Morrow for their five-year award of $2,965,344 from the National Science Foundation, for "Biocomplexity - Evolution and Ecology of Perturbed Interactions: Modeling Disequilibria in Time and Space," beginning 9-1-2000.

Congratulations to Diane Larson for her award of $44,155 from the USDI - National Park Service for "Ecology Effects of Leafy Spurge Infestation and Control in Theodore Roosevelt National Park".

Dr. Elmer C. Birney, passed away on June 11, 2000 from a heart attack suffered while outside caring for his cattle. Dr. Birney was a Professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, the Curator of Mammals at the Bell Museum of Natural History, and the Director of Graduate Studies of the program in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior.

Margaret Davis, Regents' Professor of Ecology, retired in May. The impact she has had on EEB and the University will no doubt continue to be felt here, while her plans to keep up her research will ensure her continuing impact on the field of paleoecology.