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The CBS Awards Committee has selected Dr. Claudia Neuhauser as the recipient of the Dagley-Kirkwood Award for Undergraduate Education. Her nomination information recognizes her not only as an excellent teacher, but as a national leader in educational innovation, particularly in the area of mathematical biology. The college and our students are fortunate to benefit from her energy, love of learning, and passion for math.

Congratulations to Dr. Craig Packer, who was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Anne Pusey, director of the Jane Goodall Institutes Center for Primate Studies has been named executive director of research for the Jane Goodall Institute. Pusey will oversee all research at Gombe Park in Tanzania and will continue her position as a McKnight University Professor.

Minnesota's summers will likely be seven to 16 degrees warmer, and winters 10 degrees warmer, by the end of the century, according to a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Dr. Stephen Polasky, co-authored the report and said the climate changes will have a significant impact on Minnesotas environment, economy, and the people who live here. To read the entire report, go to

Shinya Sugita, received a $275,000 grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation for ?Controls of Resource Supplies on Below-Ground Processes.?

Congratulations to Dale Krueger who received the CBS Hats-Off-Award at the all-College meeting on December 19th. Dale was recognized for his leadership and dedication, and many organizational and management contributions to Cedar Creek Natural History Area.

Sharon Jansa, has received $100,000 from the National Science Foundation to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships among South American marsupials using DNA sequences from several nuclear genes.

The Medtronic Foundation has awarded Karen Oberhauser $17,675 to support her Monarchs in the Classroom project.