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Leah Domine, EEB graduate student, received a grant from Ducks Unlimited Inc. to study "Mechanisms influencing carbon sequestration in the prairie pothole wetlands." Leah is a graduate student of Dr. Jim Cotner.

Kyle Whittinghill EEB graduate student, received an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to support her research on "Landscape patterns in biodegradability of DOC and DON within and among arctic Hillslopes. Kyle is advised by Jacques Finlay and Sarah Hobbie.

Dr. Don Alstad has received the Stanley Dagley-Samuel Kirkwood Undergraduate Education Award for his teaching excellence in CBS.

Graduate student Tom Giarla was awarded research funding from both the American Society of Mammalogists and the Society of Systematic Biologists.

Congratulations to all four of the EEB nominees on receiving a 2008-09 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (DDF)! The awardees are Noelle Beckman, Aimee Dunlap-Lehtila, Paul Gugger, and Emily Wroblewski.

Dr. Sarah Hobbie has been selected as a 2008 Leopold Leadership Fellow. The Leopold Leadership Program was founded in 1998 to fill a critical gap in environmental decision making. Dr. Hobbie is among 19 mid-career academic environmental scientists named as Fellows this year.

EEB graduate student Beth Pettitt advised by Dr. Mark Bee is the 6th annual recipient of the Elmer C. Birney Fellowship for 2007-08.

Margaret Kosmala was awarded an International Pre-Dissertation and Small Grant from the Office of International Programs to support her research in Tanzania.

Jim Hood was awarded a Thesis Research Grant from the Graduate School.

Annika Moe was awarded a Thesis Research Grant from the Myrna G. Smith International Fellowship Fund.

Beth Pettitt was awarded a Thesis Research Grant from the Andrews-Hunt Fund and the Graduate School.

Beth Pettitt was awarded an International Pre-Dissertation and Small Grant from the Office of International Programs to support her research in Guyana.

Martin Tsui, Water Resources graduate students, who is advised by Dr. Jacques Finlay, received a grant from The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry to study mercury methylation in streams and rivers of forested watersheds.

Dr. Mark Bee and Dr. Mike Wilson has recently been honored by the Graduate School and the Office of the Provost with the title McKnight Land-Grant Professor, a special award held for two years.

EEB Graduate Students Noelle Beckman, Paul Gugger and Kyle Whittinghill have been awarded Thesis Research Grants from the Graduate School.

Jim Hood EEB Graduate Student who has been awarded an EPA STAR Fellowship.

Professors Georgiana May (EEB) and Corby Kistler (Plant Pathology) received a 3-year NSF grant on "Pathogen evolution in complex microbial communities."

Professor David Stephens received a 3-year NSF grant on "Receiver Psychology and the Value of Information."

Professors Antony Dean (BTI and EEB), Claudia Neuhauser (EEB), and Ben Kerr (University of Washington) received a 3-year NSF grant on "The Evolution of Pathogen Virulence in Experimental Metapopulations."

Professor Jacques Finlay (EEB) received a 3-year USDA grant on the "Influence of Riparian Management on the Trophic cycling for Carbon and Nitrogen Through Stream Food Webs in Stream Systems."

Drs. Larry Baker (Water Resources Center), Jennifer King (EEB and SWC), Joe McFadden (EEB), Kristen Nelson (Forest Resources), and Sarah Hobbie (EEB) received a $550,000 NSF Biocomplexity award, entitled "CNH: Integration of Human Choice into Models of Biogeochemical Cycling in Urban Ecosystems." This is a 3-year award.

Drs. Clarence Lehman (EEB), Dave Tilman (EEB) and John Nieber (BBE) received a 3-year, $659,000 LCCMR award for the Cedar Creek Groundwater Project Using Prairie Biofuel Buffers.

Drs. Jim Cotner (EEB) and Sehoya Cotner (EEB and Biology Program) received a 3-year, $223,923 NSF award for REU Site: Field Studies in Global Change at the Headwaters of the Mississippi.

EEB graduate student Meggan Craft was awarded an NSF Dissertation Research grant for "Predicting Viral Dynamics in Serengeti Carnivores." Meggan is advised by Dr. Craig Packer, EEB.

Professor Bob Sterner, EEB, was appointed NSF Division Director for Environmental Biology. According to the NSF announcement , "NSF's Division of Environmental Biology supports basic research and education in ecology and evolutionary biology in such areas as biodiversity, molecular genetic and genomic evolution, population dynamics, ecosystem processes, conservation biology, restoration ecology and the ecological effects of global climate change. Among its programs are those on long-term ecological research, the ecology of infectious diseases, and assembling the tree of life."

Professors Finlay and Powers have been awarded Grant-in-Aid of Research, Artistry and Scholarship grants from the University of Minnesota Graduate School.

EEB graduate students Meggan Craft and Nathan DeJager have been awarded a "Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship" for 2007-08.

Emily Wroblewski has been awarded the Summer 2007 Elmer Birney Fellowship for her proposal "Discrimination of Paternal Kin in Wild Chimpanzees".

Meggan Craft was awarded a Doctoral Fellowship for International Research and Writing from the Office of International Programs.

Karl Gruber, EEB graduate student, received a "2006 Award for Outstanding Performance as a TA in CBS".

EEB graduate student Megan Strauss has been awarded a three-year NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Alma DeAnda and Annika Moe each received Honorable Mention.