2020 GCD Pre-Commencement Celebration Reception

GCD plans to host a Pre-Commencement Reception to celebrate GCD graduates, together with their families, friends and other supporters, just prior to CBS graduation. This year, the department is planning an online celebration, dates and times to be determined soon. GCD faculty are looking forward to seeing you there and celebrating your achievements! Please help make the event a success by submitting the following to make sure that your supporters see slide(s) of you! 

  • A 15-20 second video of you crossing “the stage”. Please upload a 15-20 second video of yourself “crossing the stage” as if to receive your diploma. Be creative! Make your video significant to you, solemn or festive. As long as you respect social distancing and are tasteful, anything goes. Cross where you “sheltered” or choose an alternative (uncrowded) venue, carry your dog, carry your favorite textbook, dress up (or don’t), play your favorite (clean) music, splice yourself into a virtual background, do cartwheels….whatever you like.  GCD would like a video of every student, but this is not a requirement for participating!
  • A Personal Slide created by you: Each student should contribute a PowerPoint slide of their own design. Please use "wide screen" format. At minimum, they would like your name, a photo of you, and a little bit of text of your choosing: thanking your key supporters, highlighting a favorite achievement/GCD memory/favorite class/your next adventure/etc. – whatever makes sense to you. Photos are encouraged, as long as they are of you, or you have permission to use them, due to privacy rules. They would like a slide of every student, but this is not a requirement for participating!
  • Slides of Academic Events: If you have a favorite photo documenting key aspects of a GCD majors’ career at the U (Itasca anyone?) feel free to upload that as well and GCD faculty will do our best to include some. Pictures of academic activities are welcome, perhaps one from your research lab work. As long as it was taken at a public event, such as a poster session, other individuals may appear in the photo.
  • Help make this event Successful!: Please help increase participation – share your enthusiasm for this event with your GCD colleagues and on social media platforms used by GCD majors. 
    • SUBMIT SLIDES etc. on the GCD Graduation Canvas Site (available soon!  You will receive an invitation to join when it goes live).

Feel free to contact Ann Rougvie at   with questions and/or suggestions.

May, 2020