About CBS Student Services Career Team

In 2015, CBS Student Services restructured its career services to a team-based approach to meet the specific needs of biological sciences students and recent alumni. Under the leadership of an Assistant Director for Career Services, the team includes an Undergraduate Research Coordinator, Pre-Health Career Coach, and general Career Coach. Over the past three years, this team has spearheaded a number of initiatives to help undergraduate students and recent alumni bridge the gap between their college and professional careers.

The Career Team recognized early on that there were many reasons why CBS students’ career or graduate and professional school timelines may not align seamlessly with their graduation date.  Rebecca Luebbert, Assistant Director, says this observation prompted a new policy, "CBS Career Services now offers general career coaching, pre-health career coaching and graduate school coaching up to two years post-graduation. We believe it is essential to support our recent alumni in meeting their career goals and encourage alumni to visit us.” Recent graduates are also invited to attend events hosted by CBS Career Services.

The Career Team offers many of the traditional career coaching services such as resume review, practice interviews, and job search support in addition to more unique offerings tailored to the career interests of CBS graduates. Luke Feuling Porter, Pre-Health Career Coach, says, “Gap years are becoming increasingly common; for example, data shows that the average age of a student matriculating to medical school is 24. I provide personalized support to students in gap years by providing application advising and coaching, assisting students in finding gap year opportunities, reviewing personal statements and resumes, and hosting mock interviews.”

Dr. Jacob Moore, Undergraduate Research Coordinator, who recently completed his doctoral work in population biology at the University of California-Davis, says, “I work with students to identify graduate programs and faculty in  fields of interest, navigate the spoken and unspoken rules of the application process, explore funding resources such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and prepare for interviews and next steps. Having attended graduate school myself and served on admissions committees, I can share my unique perspective on what to expect from the admissions process, as well as graduate school itself.”

Rebecca Dordel, a general Career Coach, supports students exploring careers in a variety of industries ranging from biotechnology to environmental consulting. She also specializes in supporting people who are changing their career plans. “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is working with individuals who may have originally expressed interest in one career, but need help translating their interests and skills as they research other career options.”

In addition to working with the CBS Career Team for individual coaching sessions, recent alumni are also invited to attend CBS career events, such as career panels and networking events, graduate school application workshops, and company site visits. To learn more about CBS career coaching and view their events calendar, visit the career webpage on the CBS website. 

October, 2018