BIOL 4950: Scientific Writing for Directed Research

Are you signing up for Writing Intensive-Directed Research this spring?  Writing up your research can be a difficult task.  However, BTL postdoctoral associate Linh Chau is here to help! Next semester, Chau is offering a 1-credit writing support course to take you through all steps of writing your directed research paper.  

Why take this course?  You’ll get:

  • Built-in Deadlines to keep you on track and get feedback from your research advisor
  • Writing instruction for each section of a scientific paper
  • A community of peers who can offer support and feedback

All assignments and deadlines will contribute to the paper you are already required to write by the end of the semester.  This class will NOT add additional work to your directed research experience.

There is one section of this course, which will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Classes will take place on Fridays 9:45-11:00 AM at Bruininks 530B.

Feel free to email Linh Chau with questions at


January, 2019