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BIOL 4950: Tropical Ecosystems Ecology

Lecture and Discussion (Spring 2013), Fridays 9:35‐11:30 and Field Course in Costa Rica (May 19th‐ June 1, 2013)

Interested in how tropical ecosystems function?
In this course, we will address questions such as: how do tropical forests maintain high productivity on nutrient‐poor soils? What nutrients limit productivity in tropical forests? Is there a link between the diversity of plants, animals, and/or micro‐organisms and ecosystem processes in tropical forests? What is the contribution of tropical ecosystems to biogeochemical cycles, the hydrologic system, and the global climate? How are tropical ecosystems changing with global environmental changes in factors like climate, nitrogen deposition and land use?
Students must register for both the Lecture/Discussion Spring 2013 and the two‐week field course in Costa Rica. Costs of the field course will be greatly reduced, due to a grant from NSF. Enrollment is limited to 8 students.
Contact Dr. Jennifer Powers for more information or to apply: