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Biology 3007W (writing intensive): plants, algae and fungi

This course provides a broad exploration of the origins and diversification of plants, algae, and fungi. The course covers more organismal diversity than any other course on campus! You will walk through the evolutionary tree of life to understand the major changes associated with the origins of new phylogenetic and functional diversity.

Topics covered include: 
  • How did plants adapt to life on land?
  • How do the fungi influence human health? And our diets?
  • How are fungi more like animals than plants?
  • How do the algae fuel food webs in the oceans?
All of these questions are answered in a modern evolutionary framework. The course includes a hands-on laboratory where students experiment with this diverse set of organisms. It is also classified as writing intensive, with course instructors working closely with students on scientific writing. Check out the attached flyer for more information.