The Biology Behind Brewing: Visit to Fair State Brewing Cooperative

What ingredients are used to create beer? What chemical processes are involved ?  Are you interested in learning more about the brewing industry and careers available to students in this field? Join the CBS Career Team on a visit to the Fair State Brewing Cooperative's Production Facility! We will meet with CBS Microbiology Alum, Rose Picklo '16 who works at Fair State in QA/QC  (Quality Assurance/ Quality Control).
During our visit they will cover: 
  • The Brewing Process
  • Fermentation and Yeast Management
  • Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control
  • Micro and Analytical Tests necessary for a beer quality program
  • Sensory and Data  Management
We'll also see a canning run during our visit!

The CBS Career Team will provide free transportation from campus to Fair State, but students can sign a waiver with our office if they would like to drive separately, use a ride sharing service or other public transport.  Students electing to take their own transportation must still register for the visit due to space limitations at this site. 

There will be no alcohol consumption during this tour.  Students under the age of 21 may participate in this visit.
Thursday, November 29
3:30-5:00 p.m 
CBS Provided Transportation departs at 3:00 and returns to campus by 5:30
Fair State Brewing Cooperative Production Facility, 2075 Ellis Ave in St. Paul

Pre-Register here! 

To pre-register, you’ll first need to activate your free GoldPASS account. Follow the prompts in the light blue boxes to sign-up, then login with your UMN x500 and password. Visit the FAQ if you have questions, or contact Dr. Jacob Moore at  .

October, 2018