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BLINK: A quick link to campus seminars in the life sciences

How many times have you missed attending a seminar simply because you didn't know about it?!  Each semester, there are numerous stellar seminar speakers that visit our campus through invitations from any number of colleges, departments and programs. Indeed, keeping track of seminars that interest you can be a challenge. To assist with this, the CBS Dean's office and CBS-IT is rolling out "BLINK: A quick link to campus seminars in the life sciences," a brand new calendar tool to help you keep abreast of the scientific research across the campus.  

This newly launched portal provides access to over 40 seminar series in most colleges that share the mission of scientific research at the University of Minnesota. 
The calendar captures seminars in:
  • The College of Biological Sciences
  • The College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Sciences
  • The College of Science and Engineering
  • The Medical School Departments and Centers
  • The Veterinary Medical School