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Borer/Seabloom Laboratory REU

What is the project? 

The successful applicant will join a team that is studying the community ecology of disease. The team will be conducting experiments using a model plant-aphid-virus system. Broadly, they are asking how ecological factors influence the transmission of disease and the resulting communities of pathogens. Ecological factors of interest include the fertilization and diversity of plants, the abundance and diversity of aphid vectors, and potential interactions among viruses within infected hosts.

The REU position will include training in:

  • Searching and synthesizing primary literature
  • Designing and conducting experiments
  • Detecting infections with molecular assays
  • Documenting and analyzing data
  • Presenting and writing scientific results


  • An aptitude for teamwork
  • Desire for independent research experience
  • The ability to absorb new knowledge and implement new ideas
  • Passion for community or disease ecology (preferred)
  • Writing experience (preferred)

Applications are required to submit the following information using the online application form:

  1. Your present University/College contact information
  2. A transcript (official or unofficial) from your undergraduate college or university you are attending or have attended.
  3. Personal statement describing your career plans, goals, and interest in ecology
  4. Previous research experience and relevant course work attached in the form of a curriculum vitae (pdf format)
  5. Contact information for two references including name, address, email

Due date: March 15, 2018

A stipend of $5000 is provided.  Participant must be a US citizen. Expected dates of REU are May 21 – August 10, 2018, but can vary based on availability.
Please email communications to Anita Porath-Krause at with REU 2018 in the subject line.

March, 2018