On-Campus Interview Day with Emergency Care Consultants

Emergency Care Consultants (ECC) will be on campus at CBS Student Services conducting interviews for part-time and full-time medical scribe positions on Friday, October 26.

ECC became the first scribe program in the Midwest in 2006. ECC currently employs over 200 medical scribes and provides scribe services to eight emergency departments (ranging from urban to rural), five outpatient clinics, and three inpatient hospital settings that are conveniently located in the Twin Cities. ECC aims to provide their scribes with the richest opportunity to explore the different areas of medicine before they attend a health professional school.

As an ECC Medical Scribe, you will have the ability to work side-by-side with physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and numerous other medical staff.

To apply: Please visit emergencyscribes.com and then submit a resume/ECC application to scribes@eccemergency.com

Friday, October 26
MCB 3-104

October, 2018