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Careers in the Patent Field for Engineering and Science Majors

Tuesday, October 8th
105 Lind Hall, The Career Center for Science and Engineering

Did you know students in the hard sciences (chemistry, biology, physics and related disciplines) can take the Patent Office’s Registration Exam to become a Patent Agent? Patent agents can make up to $20,000 a year more than similarly situated engineers and scientists. The Exam is available virtually on-demand via computer. Becoming a patent agent can also be a step toward the even more lucrative career of becoming a Patent Attorney.

If this sounds intriguing, come join Practising Law Institute (PLI) for a presentation by Mark Dighton, PLI's Director of Law School Relations and a Director of their Patent Bar Review Course. Topics for discussion include:

  • Careers for patent agents (what the work is like and where you find it), and
  • The latest info on the Patent Office’s Registration Exam (who can take it, how it works, and recommendations on how to study for this very difficult Exam).