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Catching up With Luke Feuling Porter

The CBS Pre-Health Career Coach shares what he's been talking about with students recently and how health profession school applicants can prepare for their secondary essays and interviews.  

Luke Feuling Porter

1. What's the most common question students are asking you these days, and what's your response?

One of the most common questions I receive is: "When should I take the MCAT or another health professional school related test?" My answer to this is: "It depends." There is no set time to take an entrance exam for health professional school, but I encourage students to take these tests when they feel most prepared with the content covered on the exam. I recommend trying to take an entrance exam only once, as schools see all exam scores, retakes included, and many entrance exams are very long. Most health professional school exams release official scores in about a month, so students should make sure to take the exam at an appropriate time to not delay applications.

2. We're moving into secondary application season for certain health professions application cycles. What is your top tip for this second round of essays?

In preparing secondary application essays, my advice is to take them as seriously as the personal statement and complete them in a timely fashion. A good rule of thumb is to submit secondary essays within two weeks of receiving them from a school; waiting longer than two weeks may indicate to the school that you are not committed or as interested in their program.

3. How can students prepare for interview season?

To prepare for the interview process, students should make sure to be aware of the interview process the school utilizes. Many programs utilize traditional behavioral based interviews to assess their applicants, but a new trend, especially for medical schools, is to utilize the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format. I provide mock interview practice for both styles of interviewing and encourage students to meet with me prior to attending their real interviews. Finally, a student should be sure to bring questions to ask at the interview, as this demonstrates a student's active interest, professionalism, and prior interview preparation to the school or program.

June, 2017