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CBS Alumni Spotlight: Carly Eichten

Carly EichtenCarly Eichten, MedDevice Associate at Vascular Solutions

B.S Genetic/Cell Biology, Minor In Public Health 16’

What were your most meaningful experiences as a CBS student?
One of my most meaningful experiences was doing research in David Greenstein's lab where I learned universal skills like critical thinking and attention to detail that are not only needed in research but also helpful in work and classroom environments. Another meaningful experience I had as a CBS student was teaching BIOL 1009 (General Biology) labs. This role allowed me to work on my public speaking and conflict-resolution skills.

What outside of the classroom experience best prepared you for getting your job?
I think having an internship and being president of a student group really helped prepare me for getting a job. Both experiences gave me a lot to talk about in interviews, especially regarding leadership and working with others.

What is your new job, and what are you excited about?
I will be a MedDevice Associate at Vascular Solutions! I am really excited that the job is a rotational position, so I will be able to experience a variety of roles within a medical device company.

What advice would you give to a current CBS student who wants to prepare for life after graduation?
The best advice I can give is to use your resources! Career Counselors can help create effective resumes and prepare you for interviews, and the Goldpass website is a great place to look for jobs and internships. If you are unsure of what you want to do, attending CBS networking events and shadowing professionals is a great way to learn about different jobs you could be interested in.

October, 2016