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CBS Career and Alumni Spotlight: Sharon Oldani

Sharon Oldani

Sharon Oldani

B.S Microbiology, 2015

What were your most meaningful experiences as a CBS student?
I joined a professional fraternity and that really helped me spread my wings; I was able to connect professionally and personally with a lot of the people I met as well as gain some leadership experience, all of which were invaluable to my career as a student.

What experience outside of the classroom best prepared you for getting your job?
I worked as a tutor my junior and senior year of college. Even though that job doesn't seem like it might apply to what I do now, it actually gave me a lot of skills that I highlighted in my interview and that I now utilize; attention to detail, the ability to drive continuous improvement, leadership, etc.  Without some of these skills, I don't think I would be as successful at my job.

What is your new job, and what are you looking forward to in this role?
My new job is a Quality Control Technician at Beckman Coulter. I am involved with testing materials at different stages of production to ensure product conformance. I am excited about learning more about business systems and lean manufacturing processes. There are also lots of opportunity for growth within the company and within the industry and I am excited to grow as a professional!

What advice would you give to a current CBS student who wants to prepare for life after graduation?
My advice is don't limit yourself! I feel sometimes there can be misconceptions with your options after finishing your undergrad. Take the time to explore your options, learn what those options truly are like, and use that knowledge to find what would be a good fit for you.

April, 2016